BC/49 & Quebec/49 Picks & Discussion Sep 11


Lumping picks w discussion since there's not much time left bfr the draws.

My short list is a bit longer today as I'm including Annies as well:

Dues 01-02-11-21-27-35-39-49
Oons 39-11-09-29-34
Reps 38-33-10-30
Anns 18-25-03-24-44

Hope we're not posting at the same time again :D.

How do you like the new name for my picks ... D.O.R.A. :clown: ?
Don't worry, I waited for you 1st :)


Here are Mine. Not too much interest today as I am putting big effort on Sat.

Combo 7 --> 04-12-13-21-28-35-39

Good luck and who knows what can Happen :agree:

DORA is not bad :lol:
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How high can it go ?!

Today was the day to play FW24 :D !

BC49 NRS: 26-30-31-37-41-47 B06

...two Reps and three Oons, had someone played nothing but they would have hit 5/18 ... of course none of them were in my wheel :dang: , as they appeared on the wrong end of my list.

Good thing I did not play FW8 as originally planned. Won't be calling D.O.R.A. dumb yet, have to give 'her' more time to settle in ...
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Don't worry Brad

I didn't have a good feeling and the losses were only $3.50 so big deal.
So the question is are we gonna get another high draw or not ?
I am already thinking about Sat draw :D
Suspects are 04-13-21-24-28-35-39-40
I am gonna play :

1- AW 9 ---> 18 lines
2- FW 7
3- FW 8
4- FW 7 (mine)

I will start new thread later after aI get all the predictions from different progs.
BTW tonite 2 of them got 2/8 so no cigar.
Lotto-Analyzer still leads 3/0.
Repeats tonite were a big killer plus the attck of the 30's :lol:



don't think you have to worry about the 30s much... quick run through the stats shows that 3-30s repeating in consecutive draws only happened 8 times, last draw incl. The last time was draw 1060, the draw bfr that was 969 ... 3 cons. draws then, but that occured only once. So unless the highly unlikely becomes reality on Sat, the 30s gang is gone for a 100 draws or so.