BC/49 May 1/02


I understoond from Dennis that it would be appreciated to show the best performing sets for the BC lottery as well.

I took the liberty to do a run on 10 number sets and here's the best (so far):

02 11 14 18 20 23 24 33 36 38:
0+0 : 186
0+1 : 055
1+0 : 304
1+1 : 113
2+0 : 219
2+1 : 055
3+0 : 095
3+1 : 026
4+0 : 013
4+1 : 004
value: 807

ComboManiac, I absolutely don't want to tell you to change your set (it looks absolutely fine by me), but I took the liberty to compare your set to the 'best', just to demonstrate why your set doesn't come out as 'best' in *my* program.
Please keep in mind that 'best' means 'best in the past' and does not guarantee anything for the future.
It could very well be that your set performs better in the next draw.

03 09 11 13 14 27 30 31 37 45:
0+0 : 179
0+1 : 056
1+0 : 405
1+1 : 090
2+0 : 203
2+1 : 049
3+0 : 069
3+1 : 009
4+0 : 010
value: 594

The 'value' is an arbitrary number which allows me to compare sets.
Thanks Goswinus


thanks very much for the info.
btw I love Holland and anything about it. Schipol Airport is the best in the world and I wish I can go back there soon.

Back to the numbers, our BC/49 most of the times follows less frequent numbers to appear basis. However few times you would see freq. appearance like the numbers you mentioned.
Most of my winning here comes from Less Frequent Occurence.

Sometimes it's nice to mix both theories. It's just the money factor controls that.
But hey keep it coming specially Super 7 as the stakes are high this coming Friday.

Your effort is greatly appreciated.




Hi CM & Brad :wavey:

Good Luck to you on tonight's draw though I have not seen Brad's predictions yet.

Interesting stuff what Goswinus has posted on the board.
Good luck to you too Florie


Good luck to you too...Brad must be busy but I am sure he will post soon.

As for Goswinus, he's great and hopefully will be rewarded for his efforts.




Hey 'provincials',

two sets of 7: 18-19-27-29-32-40-49 ; 12-15-28-38-44-45-25

Nice eh ? :D I wish... those are the winning nrs for BC and ON resp.

The pics I had got 1/8 tonite :sick: (40), didn't play though...not bad Florie! 3/20 tonite, still on a streak :)

better luck next time ppl !!!
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I understoond from Dennis that it would be appreciated to show the best performing sets for the BC lottery as well.


Dennis was right :), thanks for the set !!



Yep, ah shore doo !!:D

Btw the board was a'smoking earlier today, I tried to keep up but had to come back later, still don't think I got all the posts yet :dizzy: !!
You're up late...the nrs won't let you sleep tonite?
When I get like that I count Lotto Balls as they jump, usually snore before I get to 49 :p

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