BC/49 March 30/2002


Here are my numbers for tonite's draw :

6-9-17-26-28-29-33-35-37-49 24 lines w/Group.

BTW Brad, many ppl have been winning playing Full Combo 10 for BC/49 and 6/49 as well.

Good luck.
My set for the 6/49 is also good for the Québec/49 for this draw I'm playing both lotteries...:)
Here they are...
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your nrs look pretty good, I ran out of time, my kids kept me busy all day, don't even have Quick picks :bawl:

Lotto Luck to All !!
Don't worry Brad even if I played in both lotteries tonite
:rolleyes: Nothing for me here tonite...I guess it was not my Weekend.....lol..lol..lol..I'll be back .....:cool:


LOL ... That would make a great bumper sticker Brad .. or coffee mug or tee shirt :)
Does that mean that Banco, Keno and Pick 3 players "do it every day" ?
I guess now I know why I'm just a regular 649 and Super 7 player :lol:

Interestng news :)


This one especially for you, Can u believe 2 persons in BC won the Extra last night ?!
This is the first time ever in the history of this Lottery.
For those who don't know, this is 4/99 Lottery which we don't have control over it cause the machine picks the numbers all the time!! So we can't even play Combo on it unless I guess we play tons of tickets like hundreds.
btw each will get 500,000.00
match 4/4 you win 500,000.00
match 3 you win 1,000.00
match 2 you win 10.00
match 1 you win 1.00






I would have thought it was not possible, did the random generator screw up? Or may be it reached the capacity, ~3.8 mil
combinations, and started again ? That would mean a ticket sale of at least that much, plus a few more...oh well, learned something new...happy for the winners though, I think the Extra jackpot does not get won often (like BC49's, only one winner in all of March), but you probably know more about that than I.
Don't usually play lottos where I can't pick my own, except the odd Quick Pick if I run short of time...

Cheers :)
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To Brad


I believe it's an attempt to lure more ppl to play the Extra as sales for that particular Lotto is very bad. And I believe they took money out of BC/49 to put it toward Extra just to seduce ppl.
I only play the extra when jackpots are high ( Super 7 & 6/49).
You probably saved money by not playing this last draw.
Better luck next time.