BC/49 Jul 24

Here they are :


Backup is 01-12-17-21-23-32-41

Are we the only ones contributing to BC/49 :mad:

Can you imagine Brad if numbers 1-12-32-41 show up ? I would be :dance1: :bounce:
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reposting fro prev. thread

Here we go Combo,

two sets: 11-17-19-23-24-33-36-42
and 1-3-17-19-21-36-39-41-43-(15?), care to guess how I got the 2nd set?
Is it coincidental that three nrs show in both although the 1st set is a merge of 2 different SWs? Stay tuned...

I'll most likely play the 1st.

PS I think my last clue gave it away :)
PPSS them nrs is all o-due according to L Dir, esp 32 and41