BC/49 Aug 14 Numbers & Predictions

Here are different progs predictions for Imaginary 18 AW

Lotto 97 : 12-14-15-19-21-22-26-27-29-30-31-32-34-35-39-40-47-48

btw these are all read between the lines when i ask it to produce numbers.

Ldir: 2-4-8-9-10-15-16-20-21-23-24-25-28-31-34-39-48-49

these are based on overdue, consistent and trendy !

Lotto-Analyzer : 01-03-09-18-20-22-23-24-25-34-35-36-38-39-43-46-48-49
these based solely on Annoucer theory !

winhunter : 1-2-10-13-15-17-18-24-26-28-30-31-32-37-41-45-46-47
These are HIgh so there are Low and average.

take your pick :lol: I would go with LDIR :agree:


All four progs agree on these nrs 5-6-7-11-33-42-44 , none picked them ! :) I think they're good for FW7 . How's that for contrarian method :p: ?!
My Real Picks

Here MiniCombo 9 with Group consists of 13 lines :bawl:


Backup for Group is Combo 7 ---> 05-06-10-25-27-37-40

Mine ---> 04-06-18-25-33-39-46

I don't call myself Maniac for nothing :lol: :D


I'm still working on mine, sticking to the Due, OOns & Repeats method for now... tried putting it all on a spread sheet to save time but so far pencil, paper and a trusty calculator are faster :D .
Here are realistic Combos !!

Different Progs predictions for Combo 9 :

Winhunter : 1-2-10-18-22-28-32-37-47

Lotto-Analyzer : 9-18-20-23-25-35-38-43-46

Lotto 97 : 12-14-21-22-26-29-31-35-48

No need to write down LDIR as it's what I am playing with Group ( MiniCombo 9)

Good luck and I will sing "We are not worthy to whichever trap 5 numbers even out of 18" :lol: :D
Hugs to LDIR


All the time there are hugs for LDIR but I am waiting for results for the others so each would be treated fairly.
Remember Lotto-Analyzer has the edge so far leading the Lamb by a score of 1/0 for scoring 4/8 :lol: :D
Got it now doh :)

Finally I got the idea of the new Winhunter . Now next to understand the redbus and perkisize. I think there is an explanation for that .

Here is a prediction by the new Winhunter :

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my short list:

due 07-25-26-33-34-43-39
oon 45-43-08-37
reps 36-09-44-29

- reps and oons from hi to low odds, notice lots of 40s and no 10s.
Bad results but no mares !!


It looks like you didn't play tonite.
Numbers were :

14-20-26-36-42-45 B 39

Got nothing but I dont feel bad cause there were no 2/6's tonite.
All progs failed tonite but I will stick to those numbers 18 AW cause eventually they will click.

No posting for me for Sat as I will be playing the same except we are going for fW 9 win or lose

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I di.. I di...I diiid play tonite!

Couldn't get to the net to post in time :( , so you'll just have to take my word for it :cool:

due 07-25-26-33-34-43-39B
oon 45-43-08-37
reps 36-09-44-29

I played FW7 all due, 1+b/7-->getting closer to that magic 2/6 :D

AND FW10/4DN-->09-36-43-45+7-25-26-33-34-39B , 15 lines. This one hit for 5x 3.
...darn OONS :dang:

Total $50/$11...not too bad, maybe some cash for S7 tomorrow?

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Well Done Brado

Hey Brad,

Good news my man. I am glad that you closing in on that ghost.
Take $25.00 and put it toward S7 maybe 11 AW ?
Ok I got the color thing :agree:
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Overdue Numbers

b4 going to bed, do you know that numbers 4,6 haven't showed up in 18 draws at least ( 2 months ) !!

So you got 2/4 correct. That means you could play Combo 5 in the future :D and perhaps match 4/5 .
Actually I have never tried this DN thing, maybe I should.

Anyway Goodnite gotta sleep :agree:
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Intuition beat progs

I still believe intuition beats all progs. Yet again we gotta wait and see who is gonna win at the end.
The mood was not that great at 6/49 players except Dwoods99 who got some money back like he spent 12.00 and won 20.00 not bad.


Quote from CN49 section

ComboManiac said:

That is a nightmare, I think for bc/49 maybe it's 2 months no show but not 8 months.
I never thought that would happen :eek:

Check again my friend ;) , nr 29 has the longest skip--> 66 no bonus, nr 04--> 57 bonus incl., presently nr 06's been out 25 draws bonus or not...in months that's 8+, 7+ and 3+ resp. ...

Maybe you should give LDIR a slap instead of a hug for that one :D , or does it not show stats for the whole history? All the nrs in BC49 have no showed min 3 months (25 draws) at least once btw so 3 mo. is really not that unusual. The trick is to know when they'll wake up again after a long sleep like that. I tend to ignore them unless something else points to good odds they'll show.

Nrs 6 and 4 are lazy dogs anyway, tied for the 3rd worst hit record overall, 29's not much better.

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