bc/49 - a computer generated kernel game


bc/49 is a little crooked - the bclc call it a "marketing strategy" to inform public that "chances of winning," note, not "odds," are 1 in 6-something million. because, they say, you get two chances to play for a dollar.(ticket price is 50 cents) how the cost of a ticket changes the odds of winning ......i was thinking of suing them in some sort of civil litigation.......BUT...i have had tremendous good fortune in that game, using two simple methods....play only numbers which end in 1,2,3,4,5 (ie - 11,21,41,15,35,45) and combine them majorly and secondly by using the 35 # (most drawn) in each combination. when numbers suiting that system do appear, the odds of winning increase dramatically. i have tried the same way in 6/49, but perhaps becuase the numbers are ball-drawn rather than computer generated, the pairs (ie - 2/12, 14/44, 1/41) do not seem to be generated as often. also because of the only-50-cent ticket cost, one is able to play quite a few combinations

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The best I have achieved is matching 4/6 whether it was from AW or FW ( Combo ). How about you did you ever match 5/6 ?
I agree that computer generated numbers are way better FOR US than ball drawn ones. That's why I don't play 6/49 same with buddy Brad.
So are you way ahead now in terms of money won vs money spent ?


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keep the thoughts coming ... re: misrep odds - Super 7 was advertised as having odds lot lower than the actual 1:60+M for a long time as well, just ask Combo. Post your picks too :agree:

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