August the 28 Québec/49 and BC /49

Here they are…

Hints…Hints…20-40...playing that same set again...before it explodes into someone's hand...

:kaioken: :kaioken:



Here we go again:

2-7-21-33-34-35-37-47 heavy on the 30s, no 10s, fw8
1-4-13-18-25-31-41-43 aw8

Best of Luck to All !:agree2:
results for BC/49 Quebec/49

BC/49 : 10-24-29-38-40-43 B47

Quebec/49 : 6-10-15-32-42-48 B35

I couldn't post my numbers cause the site was down many times but hey I lost so on for next draw.


One of these days I'll get the decades right :p:.
Oneoffitis got 2 in my second line, what else is new:D.

Next time, right ?
WinHunter showing some Hope

I had 4 different set of numbers from the 2 versions and guess who is leading ? 0.1.4 :D
it predicted : 10-14-16-17-24-26-30-36-38-42 . I didn't like the 14-16-17 formation....But hey it's good result nonetheless. Now I have to watch and keep an eye on these predictions. Are they gonna repeat winning or just a fluke ?
In the meantime I hope we can get a Help Manual for 0213 .



Hey, 3/10 is cashable, keep it coming! Do you keep the same parameters each time or are you still experimenting?
I'm still waiting for AI to come alive...
Same Parameters

Yes Brado,

I am using the same ones and I know I should experiment more.
I honestly believe more in 0.1.4 .
For next draw shall I go for overdue numbers or consistent ones .
I am under stress now cause I don't want to lose this FW 9 :lol:
Even matching 3/9 would be fantastic at the moment.
How about you ? are you trying Winhunter or not ?