August 20 picks


Hi Gang
I am a new man in and fresh to this site today. Been picking everybody else's brain for a couple hours today.
My Picks (3) 8 number combos.
9 30 31 33 37 40 44 46
12 24 25 31 37 46 47 49
9 12 20 25 31 37 40 47

Haven't played for a while but will have these tickets for Wednesday. Thanks to all and good luck!


Hi Tom,

Welcome aboard! Not sure if you noticed or not, but Sheba has started a thread for the picks for Wed. If you go back a thread or two, (or 3 or 4 ) you will see them and you may want to transfer your picks to there. That way they are all in the same place, easier to read.
Again, welcome and good luck to you.


Maggie's Help

Thanks Maggie
I thought I went to the right location but maybe I started a new one. Gotta get used to this site. I am not sure yet how to transfer my thread.
By the way, if I recall what I read correctly you made a pretty good call for last night. I read a lot this morning and may be wrong on this but didn't you nail some cold numbers.

Thanks Tom