August 15 Discussion


Jackpot did not go last time so it grows to a cool $5,000,000.00....That is just enough for me! ":lol:

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Looking at some statistics for the coming draw the following are noticeable:
Using 7+

1. The Odd numbers the last 4 draws are: 6,6,5,5
This is not an extreme event but very noticeable.
Usually such a score reverses it's self within 2 to 3 draws.
So, we shall expect more Even Numbers

2. Using the "Visual Report" of LottoStatisticsXL I've noticed that:
The biggest Gap or second biggest GAP, the following Draw includes
an exceptional high number of these Numbers.
With that in mind we shall expect.
1. 4+ numbers from 24-47
2. 2+ numbers from 38-47
3. If we combine the assumption #1 and assumption #2.2
we shall expect 1+ from 38,40,42,44,46


Well I am hoping that I will be doing the :dance1: and :beer: :party: :clap: after tonights draw...:lol:

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I guess that some people may not be able to play this weeks super seven due to the blackout in many parts of Ontario..... Lets hope if you can't play your regular numbers that you played for years don't show!