Atlantic Wild 5 Draw


I was wondering if anyone plays the 'Atantic Wild 5 draw" it is played here on Thursday 's.
I do play it all the time.
Had 4 out of 5 numbers last night. Won 250.00 1 number shy if 200,000.00.
ANy info on this game would be a help.

I could sent that database to Goswinus and maybe ( If he wants..I've been asking a lot from him lately) He could post some goodies on that lotery too....I'm starting to be shy asking him all of these favors....:blush:


No worries mate, I'm always glad to help, especially when it doesn't take to much time.
Usually finding the right data is the most time consuming job, but if you send me a file, I can post 'best performers' by wish.

I read a lot of usefull information on this board, so I really like to contribute too!
You are going to have the files for the Atantic draws in a second!!!
Thanks again Goswinus you sure are teaching us a lot here!! :agree2: File is in the mail....:agree2:
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I took me a while, 'cause I had to find out about this 5/39 lottery.

I have some good news and some bad news.

The bad news is that my program can't handle the 'wild ball' (yet), I may have to change it (nice for powerball lotteries too).

The good news is that for a 5/39 lottery my program can test ALL available combinations (excluding the wild ball) to find the best performing set.

The best one should be 01 02 14 26 35
0 : 039 (F3 - A2 = 1)
1 : 026 (F4 - A0 = 4)
2 : 010 (F9 - A1 = 8)
3 : 007 (F12 - A9 = 3)

It hits '3' every 12 draws (7 times so far) and a hit is due within the next 3 draws.

But please keep in mind that this is a lottery with a history of 82 draws (since october 5th, 2000). This is hardly representative.


Thanks a lot!

I just posted a new wheel in the wheels section.
This was composed in the old fashioned way, using Kari Nurmela's program for searching general covering and packing designs.

I'll try the "candy" you've sent me. Thanks again! :agree2:

:deepbow: (Sorry LT, I couldn't help my self :D :D )