Artificially Intelligent Lottery Program


Ok, I have recently finished the Artificial Intelligence Module in WINHunter. Most of you probably have not even heard about my software...

Let me fill you in. Here is a breakdown of the details.

The program can load any lottery you choose.
It will process from pick three up to keno and beyond.
It is not limited by how many machines determine the output of the lottery results.
Also, you can add Filtering functions as you like (granted, you will have to write code.)
The real beatuy is the friendly user interface.
Instead of only allowing you to select filters to turn on and off, WINHunter allows you to stack them in any fashion you choose.
You can stack Filters in series, or parallel, and apply settings like; drawings to use, drawings to skip, filter cycling, and more.

Until I get someone to host the downloads, I will have to email you the source code and Installation as you request them.




Hi Andrew,

You already know that the solicitation of members emails on this bulletin board is expressly forbidden. What you are developing might be a good thing and of interest to members here but you cannot solicit their email addys.
There are other alternatives for access to your program or code. ie It could be placed in the download section on this bulletin board as well as other options.
Members here know that it is against the rules to post email addresses etc. on this board.

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I am not soliciting emails. Merely users to help in development and testing of an innovative new prediction program.




Here are the rules that you and all members agreed to abide by for membership on this bulletin board.

Do Not post or request email addresses.
Do Not post urls to other forums
or advertisements on the bulletin board.
Treat other members with courtesy.

You say that
I am not soliciting (asking for) emails.
and also say in your post
Until I get someone to host the downloads, I will have to email you the source code and Installation as you request them.

Please explain how you intend to "email" the source code to members here without first obtaining ( soliciting, asking for, trying to get ) their email addresses?



I'm interested in trying your program


I am interested in trying your AI based program. Most of the ones I use are just stats and random number generators of which I havn't had much luck. I would like to see what an AI program can bring.



Cleaned up website

Ok LT. My site should meet with your approval now. You might try talking to Robert Perkins about me as well. I have spoken to him several times via email. I have posted many times on the newsgroup which he frequents. I am not trying to stir anything up here, only trying to find that magic winning number like everyone else, only I am willing to let others see how I intend on finding it.




while installing this software on NT4.0 I run into this message:

...msvcrt.dll in use - please close all applications and proceed.

Well, in NT virtually all backround processes use that dll so closing all of them down is not possible. :rolleyes:
In fact, you can;t delete some of them. :sick:

So, if I ignore the copy of that file and proceed to the end of the install I end up with very little of your app left to run.

I would love to help you with this S/W but...any thoughts??? and no new OS changes are in the cards :dang:

Awaiting your reply....:dizzy:


Common Controls

WINHunter uses most of microsoft's standard controls. IT should load and run with no problem if all of those components that it tried to install are in fact loaded onto your machine. Have you tried to run it without overwriting those files? Or will the installation not allow you to do that.


SEND ME WINhunter plz

Congratulations on the software!
I am really curious what types of algorithms you implemented in your program. Can you plz send me your source code to
<<< email addy deleted by LT >>>

***I know I am not supposed to post e-mail addys but I am really interested in winHUNT and I have no other way of obtaining it.***

<<< there are absolutely NO exceptions to that rule for ANY reason LT >>>

If your code allows for expansion, I would be happy to contribute some ideas. (nothing proven, but interesting for sure).


<<< you can download WinHunter from the download links in the WinHunter category .. LT >>>
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source code...


Due to the GNU public license, the source code MUST ship with the compiled versions. SO, WINHunter (and AI too) are both packaged inside the installation. They are all in a zip file appropriately named "". AI herself is tucked away inside the PluginSource directory, in the AILifeForm subdirectory. Most of her code is actually very readable, and I might post it in the winhunter discussion forum for those who do not have VB6.0, or who are just curious as to how she actually works.

BTW, AI is based on fuzzy logic. She is given certain choices to make based on certain outcomes, but she chooses the decision (actually, it is a random decision, almost random anyway.) With each good decision, her confidence level goes up, and she continues to work the settings she has.

AI is not currently a "true" plugin in the sense of how plugins are written. WINHunter itself must be tweaked in order for it to connect to AI as a plugin. But that will come in time.