Any Similarities


Started Playing Super 7 since last 2 years.
Managed to get 5 no.s 12 times yet. Always won $150 Avg.,
Never pulled those 2 no.s

Just wanted to know if anyone shares this kind of luck..a 5'er
Also never won more than a free ticket in 6/49..I wished they had Super 7 every wed and saturday


I have yet to win anything on super7 other than the extra but I got 3/6 on 649 and got $10.. On the 649 plus I got $50 too! :)

I'm hoping this time I have enough horse shoes up my a$$ to score the $19 M!


Welcome rajeev28 :wavey:

I have never hit a 5 in S7. You have a great track record with your wins in that high odds game :agree2:
Do you use a system? Pick your numbers by intuition or just lucky quick picks/

5 out of once

I have had 5 out of 7 once. It was 2 years ago. I have had 4 a lot of times. I have not been lucky enough to win more then 165. I want the big 1.I have been playing since the first draws of both draws.


5 /7

Actullally, it was always been the bonus numbers. I have my usual 7, but it has been always been the extra games we get.

I usually check them 1st..then others

I had once got 5 out 6 in Virginia way back in 1995, just remember than I had checked it, then completely forgot about it as I didn't know much about lotto that time. Still can't remember what did I do with them.

it's funny how luck comes and goes in a flash


There is going to be so much winning here over the next month your head will spin!!:rolling: :rolling: :dizzy: :spiny:

And it won't be random :dang: :clown:




Luck can be such a wonderful thing., luck in other words for me is destiny on the red lght, orange gets u going, green offers the way. But was red saying something, was orage indicating the caution, and green got us so excited that we left.

Same is those 7, play ur regular, if ur destined to win, u will. else no. Tell me, another person (teenager, senior, child etc etc) in Iraq..would that person, even if they knew they had the winning ticket would sleep or even feel a pinch of excitement. NO,. why coz death awaits them..and quarter away around the world we are discussing 5/7 6/7 7/7 numbers. I mean we all have problems, but isn't it really amazing that we would eat the big steak after we win and jump around when some innocent life out there would be baked in fire and jumping outta scare.

What was "Abdul's" desinty, if he survived and came to canada,. he bought the BIG TICKET. he would win, Oh! no, "Abdul" was very unfortunate?, why? ...coz he wasn;t born in the land where he can buy a Super 7 and have a chance.

Unbelievable, I wish a 29 year(me) could win and help those who are not fortunate at all ( Take it in writing). But does GOD wants these things to happen the way they are, I don't think so, I part with athiests then.

I am too tired to unjustice and bad luck with the wrong'un's around, drop me a mail <<< email addy deleted as they are not allowed to be posted. thanks for your understanding. LT >>>

Dont mind criticism. I am not a jackass, nerd, computer nerd, etc etc. Infact different and have a different life approach
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rajeev28, what is your flavour (drug) of the week?

Just kidding man...

Hey rajeev28, can you hook me up with whatever you're taking?