Another Top Notch Forum Lt?


JoJo said:
LT is www<<delete>> another one of your successful Web. sites?
I noticed that the membership there is twice as big as this one is. Just curious that's all.

Yah but their top poster only has 237 posts - we have 10x that much :p:


Hi JoJo ... not one of mine. Why you might think that it was is because that web site uses the same script (the software) that runs their bulletin board as the one we have here operating our community. It is a very popular script that can be found operating thousands of bulletin board forums on the net.

For the sake of protocal I'll delete the active link. It was not to another lotto site but rather a nice bulletin board about Direst TV, Bell Express and stuff like that.

Also JoJo you are right about the size of membership that these things can handle :eek:
We have lots of room for growth :agree:

And Beaker you're right as well .. their top poster is going to have to type his fingers to the bone to get anywhere near the number of posts as the big posters such as yourself here :D