Analysis Lotto


Analysis Lotto v1.0 looks promising.

A lotto helper program with shareware and buying it.
With the price in Pounds, I'd take it it's in the UK.

Has anyone tried it? Full version?

I may download it tomorrow night.
Thank You. :heul:


This ‘AnalysisLotto’ is not bad. :agree:
It produces sets of numbers without the user having to think of what may be ahead.
The only thing bad was to enter the previous sets of numbers.

It uses the DELTA system to figure out the numbers.
It can also give random numbers.
It creates 100 combinations for each. Plenty to choose from!

An interesting program, if you are used to using the DELTA system.

I’m not used to it. I’ll keep with my Ldir. Though I could use AnalysisLotto to check my picks. (or the other way around)

Happy Picking! :)


Thanks, it's a good pgm

Thanks for tipping me off to this program (Analysis Lotto).

I tried it out - in fact I bought it , ( at , it's pretty cheap.)

The approach is unusual, I can see why it might not be for everyone. But I like the fact that the program is very easy to use... it didn't take days to figure it out, like with the last program I tried. I've only tried three software packages - but this one is the one I find myself playing with every day.

It also has a number of different approaches to picking numbers, so entering past numbers is not absolutely essential, it depends on the system you want to use.

I'm having pretty good luck with it - at least so far. If my luck changes, I hope I don't regret the positive comments!