All the 649 combinations


I assume you mean a book with the history of all the winning lines from the inception of the 6/49. If you don't mean that then no such book exists. Consider this: there are 13,983,816 possible 6 number combinations - all the 6/49 combinations. If you print, say, 200 on a page, you're going to have a book with almost 70,000 pages or 35,000 pieces of paper!! -- BIG Book :agree:

I haven't seen a book with all the history in a long time. The lotto office has paper with a years worth of draws. The best bet is to go to the "Free Tools" section of this site and download the history for 6/49 that Dennis Bassboss has done. It looks like it was last updated in May 2002 so you have a little work to do. :)


bweera said:
Where can I find a printed book with all the 649 combinations?

I asked this question years ago and I never saw any such book either. As for the complete winning list of numbers in a book. If it is the Lotto 6/49 the Atlantic Lottery Corporation can mail you a complete list of the winning numbers. Just email them and ask. I did this a few years back. Do the www thing with alc and com.
Can't post www site but you should be able to get it from that..
Hope that is alright by the rules of this board.. if not sorry.

You can buy the lotto 649 all combinations on 2 cd's or you can run a program and get it done like I did..but I never use it...

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Dear friends ;;

What I found from your emails,,apparently there are two CDs available indicating all 6/49 combinations,,, could anyone know how to order those CDs or where to get them from ??.

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l have it in a database...

Hi There... l have seen all the combinations for a 6/49 including all the combination sums for each set of numbers, all the ranges (1st ball from 6th ball) all the odd/evens for each combination, all these are bell curves....when you look at them in detail... but l would doubt if they were of any use in a book... you really need them in a database for mathematical manipulation...;)