Advance play for 10 draws


The main reasons I play in advance is that it saves me time, but the real reason is that I find it a lot of fun when cashing the Encore tickets. I have 300 Encore numbers on the 3 host draws of S7, WTA, and Lottario. So, let's take the S7 and study the payout. A possible payout could be $140.00 plus 67 free tickets on the Super 7. All of a sudden, it looks good, real good. Do you guys see what I mean???

You can make it even better by holding your advance draw tickets until the jackpot is huge. In other words, wait to cash all the free tickets on the Encore until the Super 7 is at 12 million dollars. What do you think about that????
Good thinking!In the near future, I will do that with my super seven free tickets! But not for the next one.
I don't want to miss this one for sure!
I have a bundle of free tickets for this one!
Hope I'll be as lucky as last time!
Old fellows like us need a cool rest and I wouldn't mind winning that jackpot, wouldn't you?