about winners


Please any body can explain me why most of the jackpots always hit in the provinces like Quebec, BC, Manitoba, Nova Scotia than in Ontario, even though Ontario is the most populated area in Canada (i.e. more people are playing lottery games than the other provinces)
My opinion, according to the statistic most of the winners should be in Ontario.


the reason that Quebec, BC and Vancouver
seem to get a Bigger share is that they
have a bigger percentage of tickets sold, that is what they told me when I contacted a head office..


Does anybody knows if a report has been issued in the past giving a breakdown of numbers of winners and sales by province?


this is from Atlantic Lottery Corporation
and I quote:

"Based on our last fiscal year, here is the distribution of Lotto 6/49 ticket
sales per province:
N.S. 44.6
N.B. 28.8
N.F. 21.4
P.E.I. 5.2

These figures are relative to each provinces population (i.e. N.S. buys the
most but is the most populated province)

I hope this answers your question? If you would like a copy of our annual
report (where all financial info is available), the 99/00 edition will be
launched next week."