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Welcome to the New Bulletin Board at the Lotto 649 Web Site. The former board at Lotto Tutor has amalgamated with Lotto 649.WS an associate site. Lotto Tutor has been serving the online lottery community since 1996 - Lotto 649 WS since 2000 and together the new community forums will be great. The generically useful "Questions & Answers" category has been retained for members and guests. There are new categories and new features for you to enjoy.
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silvered ....

When you signed up for membership here you agreed that you would not place silly affiliate ads on these forums. You also agreed that you would not post email addresses on these forums :agree:
What part of the membership contract was unclear to you?

You have placed affiliate ads - they were deleted - you were warned and now you are back posting an email address for the same affiliate program :confused:

Hopefully you know that it is against the terms of your affilliate agreement to spam. Your account would be terminated if your behaviours were reported. Hopefully you know that what you are doing is also against the acceptable use policy of your internet service provider.

Well this is your second and final warning to behave properly.

One more incidence of spam or rules infringement and you will win the TOS (terms of service) Jackpot :party2: ....

Yes you get to be reported to your own affiliate program for cancellation of your membership and as a "well earned" second tier prize package you also win an "abuse report" which is sent to your very own ISP :agree2:

The third tier prize of just 3 hits only gets you a "banned for life" cash in :(