A smarter way to win UK National Lotto Jackpot II


With a single line entry your odds of scooping the jackpot
are about 14 million to 1. The E-Lottery System brings
those odds down dramatically in your favour.
My advise gives you 44,88 and more chances of winning in the UK Lotto draw every Wednesday and Saturday while seriously
improving your chances of winning!

UK MLM E-Lottery automatically places you in a syndicate
and allocates your lottery numbers. A Syndicate is a
group of people, who combine their efforts to improve
their chances of winning and share the same lottery numbers.

These numbers are entered in each Lotto Game draw, which
takes place twice a week - Wednesdays and Saturdays at
8.00pm GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).

Guaranteed Numbers

You only play with 5 numbers because the e-Lottery system guarantees you the 6th number in every lottery draw. We do this by combining the remaining 44 numbers with your syndicate's five numbers. The number of chances or entries each syndicate has is 44, giving every member 44 chances of winning in each draw - that's 88 chances a week! All these combinations are entered into each draw.

Silvered maybe you should move on for greener pasture....We can take care of the U.K. National draw like I did this February 05 nailing 4 out of 8 in there...Funny...Funny... :clown:


You would have had to share wednesdays win with 48 other people in the syndicate.........................!