6/49 Picks For April 13/02


Here are my 20


All the Best of Lotto Luck to Everyone!


Hey all.
Hope you all mannaged to get back onto this site.
I couldn't get on it last night. :mad:

Well here are my numbers for any of you who got on.


Good Luck. :heul:


Hi Picard,

It was an unfortunate problem that locked all of us out. The server's hard drive committed suicide and it was not until this morning that the site could be hosted on a new server :(
Good luck in tonight's draw.
Here they are....

Hints...Hints...16-38..play them ...play them both...
:kaioken: :kaioken::scatter:

Good luck to all! Hope someone will hit big tonite!:agree2:
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Here's my 20 numbers for this draw:

Sorry about last time I started an unexpecting new thread.
Forgive me for that was first time I post things at this forum,
I am junor member :)- ,
By the way, how to become a senior member, until 65 yrs old or need post 20 messages? Just curiosity.

Good luck to every one.


Hi sch2000 .. no problem re the thread thing :) it's 30 posts and then you get to be an oldie but goodie :agree:


Beaker's winner's for April 13

Going with these tonight in a small wheel:

:agree: 1-8-14-17-29-30-31-38-43-44-45-48 :agree:

Good luck players! :dizzy:


This picking was both fun and frustrating.
Here's what showed for me.

4, 8, 9, 12, 14, 17, 19, 23, 27, 30, 35, 46, 47

Good Luck! :)


I created 2 sets of 12 numbers


But because of running out of time, I merged them together into a set of 20 numbers, played as 10 pairs.


We'll see :scatter: :laugh:
Results tonite are
15-27-35-38-44-46 bonus 23

Congratulations to the winners !Nice going Geenie and Picard..Beaker you were close too Buddy so was NmbrsDudes and LT! SCH2000 keep them coming your turn is near...I'll let Dwoods telling us on what he did!

I got only 4 tonite out of 10 but I'm telling you I'm after it...and I'm going to get it soon ...Right here on the greatest board and also the greatest host of the net!Thanks LT your one of a kind! ...HO! And yes...one of my hints came up....lol.. :kaioken:
This was another great shift in that draw...:scatter:
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Congratulations to all the winners :agree2:
And Dennis ... ONLY 4 out of 10 :wow: That's fantastic ! Hope that you and everyone who played Dennis's set had multiple 3s and 4s to cash in.
Thank you for your comments about the bulletin board but all the accolades are due to the great members here .. I'm simply the caretaker of the site who also likes to post numbers :)
We are going to hit big soon!
I forgot to mention many other players that are posting here winning is one thing but I win every week here surrounded by so many nice people! You are right LT someone will hit hard here soon! :agree2:


Congratulation to Dennis... 4 out of 10, what a fabulous work (I guess it's not easy to miss a $10 prize with this odd)
Now I know why you are the super senior member. I'll take your numbers seriously:)-

Keep good work and lucky.
sch2000 said:
Congratulation to Dennis... 4 out of 10, what a fabulous work (I guess it's not easy to miss a $10 prize with this odd)
Now I know why you are the super senior member. I'll take your numbers seriously:)-

Keep good work and lucky.

Thanks Sch2000! I do not consider myself superior to anybody here ...many players here can achieve awesome results...I'm thinking about LT ( From who I have learned a lot) but also Picard, Beaker, NumbersDudes, Combomaniac, Brad, Dwoods, Sheba etc. ...just to name a few the list is so long it is not possible to not forget a single individual....What is very interesting is that I'm still learning things from all the players here. I'm always trying to improve myself and I welcome any ideas from all the players. Often a question raised by a player will take an unexpected turn and will end up finding very interesting things about our favorite lottery by another player who is seeying it from a different perspective.
Thanks again! And good luck in the next draws!:cool: :cool:
Way to go Dennis :)

Bravo :)

Dennis congratulations on a wolfe's mind, very cunning and shrewd hahahha.
It was a good day indeed for me by matching 4/10 on BC/49. we won $170.00

Next step is to fullfill the prophecy of matching 5/6 I hope or perhaps 6/7 in the Super 7 ??

Thanks Combo ...well I managed to match 7x4 numbers on my wheel + 12 x 3 numbers total win = 722.70$

I played the DN wheel posted in the wheel section!
I put 38 as DN ....
I was so close of playing 35 and 46 too I still have them written on my screening list ......
That's a great Return Dennis :)

Very Close my Friend,

This $722.00 is fantastic cause u put too many lines. Can you imagine if you had played Full Wheeling system :D
You would have won thousands...Next time Dennis :wavey:
I will try hard to play 50 lines for 11 numbers in the future on 3 consecutive draws and see what will happen.

PS I think now you can go for Super 7 with nothing to lose :lol: