6/49 combination


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Does any one know where I could find all lotto 6/49 combinations ?? is there any software that I could buy or get ??
If you know ,, please let me know. Thanks.

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your question has come up before and to see the thread click here, others may want to add to this.

One minor point, there is no need to post twice, this section is the best for questions like this ... hope this helps,

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Double posts

Dear Brad and LT ;

I appolozise for double posting my first question as I was't sure the first one was posted.

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Re: Double posts

Marteesh said:
Dear Brad and LT ;

I appolozise for double posting my first question as I was't sure the first one was posted.

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That is no problem at all Marteesh :)

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6/49 all the combinations

Ok marteesh, i have got a couple of different pieces of 'dos' software that will generate all the combinations,(one of which you get as a download as shareware for 30days)you can have the website if you wish) you will need a reasonably powerful PC (2GHZ PROCESSOR,512Mb RAM)
I am trying to solve the problem myself at the momment but i dont seem to be able to send the info from a word file to a spreadsheet, also the combination's will have to be instructed to spread evenly across a full sheet in 'excel' rather than just spreading each 6 number combination down the first column of cell's (because it just runs out of space) it need's to spread the each combination across the the full sheet(i.e one combination per cell) which has 16,777,000 cells in one work sheet of excel' and will easily fit.

Perhaps your good with excel???
I can get them into word(many sheets-but it will fit) but dont know what to do after that to send it to excel whhile at the same time as giving it the correct instruction's.

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Excel use

Excel has a lot of cells but this is not the problem if you want to fit nearly 14,000,00 cells. It is the memory availaible.

Try entering the number 1 in as many cells as you can even on a single sheet. And then try to work with that sheet, you will see what I mean.

In Excel an easier way is to work with macros (in VBA). You can cycle through all possible 6 or 7-number combinations in seconds or minutes depending on what you have. You only have to check for what you want as you reach each combination.



Great Giles, but i dont know how to use visual basic - so what do i do to get all the combinations loaded into an excel sheet(memory is not a problem i have a GIG of ram to attack)

Personally i need to edit out about 75% of the combination's initially, and then i can begin to be a bit more selective and get rid of about 95% of the one's left over so i will end up with about 175,000 combination's.


VBA program for all combinations

The small VBA program listed below will generate all 13,983,816 combinations on a sheet in Excel. Each column will have 65,000 combinations of 6 numbers separated by a -. At the end, you should have 216 columns with data for you to analyze.

The program works fine on my computer but I do not guarantee it will work everywhere. And it is not optimized for speed, nice looking data, or anything else.

The program must be inserted into module in your workbook. See Excel documentation for hot to do this. Then copy the program (I suggest cut and paste to reduce errors in entering text) in the module. Place the cursor in a blank sheet in Excel and start the List_Comb program with Tools, Macro ….

The other possibility would be for me to send the spreadsheet to LT who could forward to you or anybody else that would interested. The user would only need to start the macro to get all combinations (if enough memory is available, of course).

The listing for the program is:

Option Explicit
Dim A As Integer, B As Integer, C As Integer, D As Integer, E As Integer, F As Integer
Dim N As Long
Sub List_Comb()
Application.ScreenUpdating = False
N = 0
For A = 1 To 44
For B = A + 1 To 45
For C = B + 1 To 46
For D = C + 1 To 47
For E = D + 1 To 48
For F = E + 1 To 49
N = N + 1
If N = 65001 Then
N = 1
ActiveCell.Offset(-65000, 1).Select
Application.ScreenUpdating = True
Application.ScreenUpdating = False
End If
ActiveCell.Value = A & "-" & B & "-" & C & "-" & D & "-" & E & "-" & F
ActiveCell.Offset(1, 0).Select
Next F
Next E
Next D
Next C
Next B
Next A
Application.ScreenUpdating = True
End Sub


vba macro GillesD


What a nice guy you are, i know how to load a new 'Macro' so i should be ok.

I must say i'm impressed, it's so nice when someone just provides you with just what you are looking for at the right time.
Top man!!

Have a great day, great night, great morning and great everything else and i'll be intouch.

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I have already had many more wins than ever before just by using the info with 'Pencil and paper' and i have even spoke to one of the authors and what a clever chap he is and very helpful, just like you.

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GillesD / vba macro

Just a couple of question's i need answering

How do i pause a macro while it is runnung and restart it again.

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Stopping macro

Press Control-Break and choose debugging.

You can go to the spreadsheet and look at the data but make sure you return the cursor where it was when you paused the program otherwise it may not continue as it should.

To resume the program, go back to the VBA editor and press F5.
Re: résultat

pit666 said:
Salut Gilles!
Tu peux avoir les tirages depuis 1982 sur sympatico.ca
Je crois que tu n'as pas saisi ce que Gilles explique ici....Il est vrai que tu peux obtenir tous les résultats sur sympatico.ca mais ce que Gilles explique ici c'est comment créer une macro en utilisant un programme VBA avec excel et il ne recherche pas l'historique du 6/49 ou autres (Il possède déjà tout celà et bien plus encore)....Je doute fortement que tu trouveras sur sympatico.ca les diverses possibilités de créer toutes les statistiques que ce programme une fois en marche peux faire ressortir...


Combinations not draws

As mentionned by D.B., the small program does not take in account past draws but just generate the 13,983,816 possible combinations and place them in a worksheet (with lots of memory).

If you want to verify something (like how many combinations have the third number equal to 3 times the first number plus the second number), you just add the proper statement(s) after the line "For F = E + 1 To 49" and remove the statements that fills cells with combinations and you can have your answer fairly quickly.

And for your information, it took less than 10 seconds to find that there are 402,842 combinations (or 2.88%) that meet the condition stated above. Not that this is very useful. The first combination is 01-02-05-06-07-08 and in the actual draws. it occured 52 times or 2.62%.
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VBA Program for all combinations

Hi GillesD,

I have a 1 GHz, 128 MB of Ram and 20 Gig HD. Do you know roughly how long it would take in Excel to :-
(1) Compile all the Combinations
(2) Save the File
(3) Reload the file

I have just started looking at VB. What part of the program would I take out so that it will not print all the combinations.
I think I will have a go at trying to get it to calculate how many Combinations have 3 Odd Numbers and giving me a total.




Actually I never did get all combinations in one spreadsheet and I do not know if I have enough memory to do it.

I often calculate specific possibilities by going through all possibilities. To place into cells only the ones that do meet a specific condition, do the following:

- Before the two lines starting with "ActiveCell.Value ..." and "ActiveCell.Offset ...", enter a line: IF (your condition you want to meet) THEN

- After those two lines, enter the line: ENDIF

But I you want to get the information on some conditions, many sites can provide this information. One of then is www.lotwin.net in the Results / Analysis; you will find the number of combinations for quite a few conditions (ratio even/odd, numbers from last draw, etc.)

But maybe this information could be placed in the glossary section on this site if people would think it would be usefull.


I believe Excel should be able to hold the approximately 14 million combinations if you put each set of six numbers in 1 cell as a group. The Excel limits are currently 65,535 rows by 255 columns which makes 16,711,425 cells.
Just my 2¢ worth.