here is my strategy for nov.27.
obtained list from lottohome.com,bc/49 draws this year in descending order/shows 94 draws this year, the number 40 is most drawn (19 times), then 17 (18 times), then 1,10.....looking back at the last few draws, i notice that the numbers drawn from draw to draw tend to group...ie - 44,45,6..39,9,30...so i have listed them from the top, not playing any from the last three draws, and hoping they will group some more......i tried this about three or 4 draws ago, and had no success, but hey, what the hey....here is what it will look like:
each of my selections will have the 35 in it (as the top drawn of all time, then, this, a tree, line by line---

the first few selections will look like this:
35,1,37,22,20,48 and so on. there will be a total of 504 combinations, 56 slips, and the winning from this draw just past will be toast........hoo boy....:rolleyes:


Willl follow with Combo 7...later on.

Finally somebody appreciated my early team work and this lady bought me tickets for 6/49 and S7 ( I don't have to pay).

My Combo Friend andI will be playing Combo 8 Super 7 this friday.
He matched 4/8 last friday so he was happy about that..$40.00 plus few freebies.
We will be playing Combo 10 BC/49 around Dec 21with another guy....We sure hope it's an early Christmas present :agree2:


hey, Combomaniac....

a suggestion for your combo-10.....i've played it only once, and the idea of going with only 10 numbers struck me as....wow,i don't have enough numbers in there!!!.....instead of playing the combo-10 on one selection slip, i opened the combinations up and played all 210 boards.......still this would give you exactly the same results, but also the opportunity to throw in another number on the odd board here and there........did not do me much good, but i did get the opportunity to throw in a few more numbers....and you seem particularly good at sometimes getting "one off".....just a suggestion.......another.........should u wish to include members here in any such large combo, i would be willing to participate, perhaps as simply as throwing dollars into a bank account at a bank and branch you designate...should the ticket win, the reverse can be accomplished.....take care:) :)


Pls elaborate more about the bank stuff and how will it run ?
As for the Combo 10 opening of the slip I can't do that with partners cause they don't like AW systems...Sure if it's me I would play 16-18 numbers thus improving my odds of catching 3 or 4 correct..


high financing....

combomaniac............simply that it is possible for anyone anywhere.....canada.....to attend a branch of a bank in another town than where there account is, and, by providing information to the teller, it is possible to deposit money into that account.....i have an account with the bank of montreal....i will give you the name and address of that bank, their phone number....i will give you my account number, and the branch number and transit number of that bank....armed with that information, you would go into any branch of the bank of montreal, give that information to the teller, and she will deposit any winnings......that would be nice...into the account........if this is the way to go, and anyone feels uncomfortable about too much information, i would suggest opening an account where the only transactions are those to do with the lottery.....it is not possible for anyone else but the owner of the account to take money out, but anyone can deposit...the advantage is that it is an instantaneous transaction, and, as long as the depositer has all the account information, there is no charge to deposit.......


that sounds nice but how I am gonna buy the tickets let's say for the 4 of us my buddy, you, Brad and myself ?
Like I need the money from all of you to buy tickets....
Unless you mean we go to the bank of Montreal and deposit our shares then you withdraw the money and buy the ticket..is that what you meant ?


Here's the short list for tomorrow's draw:

D. 01-10-35-37-48
O. 40-12-38-43-25
R. 39-30-11-33
A. 35-14-39-46-11

Expect 1 or 2 oons, the 40 also has a high +bias, 12 is crazy...
expect 0 or 1 rep, 11 may threepeat, it has a good hist for that, 30 I think I'll drop, 39 or 33 could hit.
Not too sure about anns yet, 35-39-11 show twice in my list ... still :read: (scratching my head ;) ).


to expand on daleks post a bit ...

Combo ,

what if you set up an account in your name, email LT the acc#, he then emails that info to daleks and me ... done! :)
Except for time, it shouldn't cost anything, your friend can use it too if you don't see him bfr a draw, daleks and I can deposit (but not withdraw).
When we win ... "smaller amounts" can be credited towards next draw for each player.
... large amounts ... well you better not skip the country!! :lol: ... that is where we need to have accounts accessible by you, this time you can deposit but not withdraw.

I used 'you' as the money holder/ticket getter but anyone of us could do it once we know all the resp. account numbers.

We could draft a formal agreement, possibly snail-mailed thro LT and signed by all to cover different scenarios, any inititial expense to be shared equally ... etc.

It is a bit tricky setting up without revealing personal info and staying within the rules of this board, but I think it's possible.

Cheers :agree2:
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Sounds good Brado but then all of us have to have a copy of that ticket..Which means we could post it here and declare the three or four owners of that ticket as such and such.
But legally it's better to have a copy of that ticket to each one of us....Snail mail will eventually cost....I don't have a scanner..
What do you think...?
BTW we are not gonna do that every draw, it's just once in a while like once every 2 weeks....


Once every two weeks or whenever we all agree, that suits me ... having a copy of the ticket would be ok but don't think it's very practical in this case.
The agreement would be a one time thing ... could use a Fax .
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numbers 11-40 shouldn't come back again this month...If they do then it's a disaster ....I am gonna play Combo 7 for 6/49 as well..What the hell I am losing anyway :D



common sense supports your outlook on 11 and 40. Normally I stay away from threpeats ... been burnt last 2 times that happened tho :sick: . The 40 is just a gut feeling I have, it's been too hot to go to 'sleep'

So I'm going against my stats on this draw a bit, and you picked up on it right away :cool: :agree2:

The more I look at 12 the more I think it wants to hit too ...
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I am imagining us matching 4/10 then re-investing for Combo 11 then who knows what can happen with 11 numbers..
BTW who would pick the numbers if we go thru this ?


BC49 Picks

Let's try these today: 01-10-11-12-14-25-35-38-39-40-43-48

OW12_22 ... I've used this wheel quite a bit lately .

Good Luck Players !! :agree2:


added four more slips to my picks...
35 on each selection
9's and 7's and 3's on one
4's and 7's on another
2's and 6's and 8's on the third
4's and 5's and 8's on the last
didn't get all combinations, just random combos...



yeah, that's sort of the idea....i would be willing to let you be the banker, you have a long history on this board, and brad's idea of faqxing a one time agreement (bc lottery have a standard form) sounds o.k. the only information that would have to be shared would be the bank and their numbers (transit, branch,account and possibly phone.)the only reason for giving real names would be if there were an error in the account number, the teller could confirm that it had gone into "joe's" account. i guess the fax agreement would need real names also, but they do not have to be posted here ? i don't know how LT would feel, some weeks back there was an indication that LT might be willing to forward some information one time on a sort of double-blind basis, if i recall the comment semi-correctly...we would be aware of the numbers played and drawn, the group agreement would be in effect, and when we win, could buy the brand name kraft dinner.....

09-13-29-33-41-49 B06

It was an ODD day for the lotto although I have to admit it was a balanced draw but not for us..

Daleks might have won something I believe.....
You know what guys, we should save some money for upcoming Combo 10 better than wasting for this AW...
29-41 were kinda due but the rest were crazy a bit....