20 numbers can you run a combination?


I am new here. If I was to come up with 20 numbers how many tickets would I need to get every combination of them for a 6 number draw? (lotto 649).

Is there a box nick name? for this request?

Lotto Tutor

Hi Dave,

Welcome to the forums. You are in the correct section for your question.
You would need 38760 tickets to cover ALL of the possible combinations for 20 numbers in a 6/49 lottery. This would be called a full wheel.
I would suggest using an abreviated wheel for your 20 numbers such as the one found at: http://lottotutor.com/tips/20wheel.html
This partial wheel, requiring only 10 tickets, will give you pretty good coverage of your 20 numbers and guarantees at least one 3 number prize win if the 20 number pool contains 6 hits.
Betting all of the combinations is just too many tickets to fill out

All the Best of Lotto Luck to You!