2 draws, 5/6 same #s


Did you guys see this article yet?

*Two lottery drawings just one number apart

SALEM - It will only happen once in 48,696 drawings, but it happened this week at the Oregon State Lottery.

On Monday, the winning lottery Megabucks ticket was 3-6-14-24-26-28. On Wednesday, it was 3-6-14-22-26-28.*

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This one is weird to say the least....

The funny thing is that if we order the all possible 14million(less)
combinations, these two

3 6 14 24 26 28 3,599,465
3 6 14 22 26 28 3,598,840

625 positions away from each other... this is really weird, like beaker says in the other thread cough cough fixed cough cough!!

Do they use old, balls and wheel machine on this one? Or is it a plain computer program?? Because if seems someone forgot to
reseed the generator for the second draw!


Odd YES. Unexpected NO.

It is surprising to see 2 combinations coming out with almost the same numbers but is it fixed?

How many lotteries (like a 6/49 or 6/xx) are there in the world? How many draws have been made up to now since they all started?

Most likely it will happen or has happened that an impossible combination (like 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6) will come. This will make the news but will it be the same with the 05, 13, 14, 21, 37 and 42 combination? Nobody will talk about it.

So as the number of draws keeps increasing throughout the world, we will ear more and more of these occurences, whether a nearly impossible combination has come out or two consecutive winning combinations are one number different or two consecutive winning combinations are one number apart (like 6, 13, 20, 27, 36, 47 and 7, 14, 21, 27, 37, 48 -- add one to all numbers of the first one and you get the second one) or .....

How likely is it to get 5 consecutive numbers in a 6-number winning combination? Or in a 6/49 lottery, will it happen often that the lowest number coming out will be 38 (not considering the bonus number)? No, this is impossible will you say and yet go back and look at draw #1748 (Oct. 21, 2000) in our own Lotto 6/49 and ...


GillesD, when this was posted I thought the exact same thing - there are many lottos in the world and eventually we will start to see some of these unique occurrances happening.

I suspect, if we looked hard enough, we could find two draws from different lottos with exactly the same numbers :agree2:


Different lottos

I would expect that from two totally independant lotteries, but two draws from the same computer? Even lottery drawings from machines & balls seem more random than this!



well, I just found it interesting. I agree that there will be repeating draw #s that come up, and it's interesting when they do, don't you think? :agree: What merited this being written up in the paper was that it was 2 consecutive draws. Had the same #s come up a year after the first draw it may not have been given the same attention. I, personally, don't trust computerized RNG at all for lotto drawings. I feel they'll either try to be too random and thus produce unpredictable things such as this & the draw 1-2-3-4-5-6, or if they're altered not to do that, then they are really *fixed*. I just feel balls are more predictable cuz not every ball can have the same weight.